This is our Charter this is who we are, these are the values that we use in our everyday work life.

Health Safety and The Environment – Ensuring the safety of those who work with and for us each day and every day, respecting our environment and listening to our communities.

Sustainability & Encouragement – Conserving an Ecological Balance by avoiding a depletion of natural resources, requesting that others adopt our ethical codes and giving a helping hand when needed.

Integrity & Reliability – Honour, rectitude, morals and trustworthiness are embedded into our company policies for all projects.

Respect & Esteem – Civility, is one of our keywords when either dealing with clients or potential partners it is something internal too that is given to and expected from all by acting inccordance with our charter values.

Performance – We are always trying discharge the highest performance at each stage of development whether it be Operational through or quality execution, with a true sense of accomplishment because of our capabilities to achieve.

Straightforwardness – Clarity, Intelligibility, Accessibility we keep it simple and transparent.

Accountability – We are held to and acknowledge our Responsibility, Liability and Answer ability for our performance, respect, Integrity, Encouragement, in all that we do.

We know we have been effective when:

Elite’s resources begin their daily tasks with purpose and understanding and at the end of the have a sense of achievement.

Elite’s clients and service providers hold in high regard their associations with us.

Elite’s strong portfolio is first-rate and sustainably upgraded.

Elite’s operational control and financial resilience facilitates for our future expansion.

Elite’s aims are to expand our horizons nationally and internationally by diversifying by being adaptable and by being flexible in our approach consequently rising to accept new challenges.

Doing what is right and doing and what we say we will do, allows us to focus our efforts on the things that matter most.